App Insights


The App Insights builder is used to create Application Insights accounts. Use this if you need a standalone AI instance; if you need one for a web app, the web app will create one by default and configure the application settings automatically.

  • Application Insights (Microsoft.Insights/components)

This builder supports both “Classic” (standalone) and “Workspace Enabled” (Log Analytics-backed) instances of App Insights. See the log_analytics_workspace keyword to see how to create the latter type of instance.

Builder Keywords

nameSets the name of the App Insights instance.
disable_ip_maskingDisable IP masking.
sampling_percentageDefine sampling percentage (0-100)
log_analytics_workspaceUse a Log Analytics workspace as the backing store for this AI instance. You can supply either a Farmer-generate Log AnalyticsWorkspaceConfig instance that exists in the same resource group, or a fully-qualified Resource ID path to that instance. This will also switch the AI instance over to creating a “workspace enabled” AI instance.

Configuration Members

InstrumentationKeyGets the ARM expression path to the instrumentation key of this App Insights instance.
ConnectionStringGets the ARM expression path to the connection string of this App Insights instance.


open Farmer
open Farmer.Builders

let ai = appInsights {
    name "myAI"
    log_analytics_workspace myWorkspace // use to activate workspace-enabled AI instances.