Azure Firewall


The Azure Firewall builder (azureFirewall) is used to create Azure Firewall instances.

  • Azure Firewall (Microsoft.Network/azureFirewalls)

Builder Keywords

azureFirewallnameSets the name of the azure firewall
azureFirewallskuSets the name and tier of the azure firewall sku
azureFirewalllink_to_unmanaged_firewall_policyConfigure the azure firewall to use an existing firewall policy
azureFirewalllink_to_firewall_policyConfigure the azure firewall to use a firewall policy deployed by Farmer
azureFirewalllink_to_unmanaged_vhubSpecify the existing virtual hub to which the azure firewall belongs
azureFirewalllink_to_vhubSpecify the virtual hub deployed by farmer to which the azure firewall belongs
azureFirewallpublic_ip_reservation_countSpecify the number of Public IP addresses associated with the azure firewall
azureFirewalldepends_onSpecify resources deployed by farmer the azure firewall depends on


open Farmer
open Farmer.Builders

let firewall = azureFirewall {
    name "farmer_firewall"
    sku SkuName.AZFW_Hub SkuTier.Standard
    public_ip_reservation_count 2
    link_to_unmanaged_vhub (virtualHubs.resourceId "unmanaged-vhub")

let deployment = arm {
    location Location.NorthEurope
    add_resource firewall