Cognitive Services


The Cognitive Services builder is used to create Azure Cognitive Services instances.

  • Cognitive Services (Microsoft.CognitiveServices/accounts)

Builder Keywords

nameSets the name of the Cognitive Services instance.
skuSets the SKU of the instance. Defaults to F0 (free).
apiSpecifies the Kind of api to use for the service instance. Defaults to AllInOne.

Configuration Members

KeyGets the ARM expression path to the Key of this Cognitive Services instance.


open Farmer
open Farmer.Builders

let translator = cognitiveServices {
    name "mytranslator"
    sku CognitiveServices.F0
    api CognitiveServices.AnomalyDetector

let key : ArmExpression = translator.Key

BingSearch (obsolete)

Starting from 1.4.0 BingSearch api is available as a part of bingSearch builder instead of cognitiveServices.