Databricks Workspace


The Databricks Workspace builder is used to create Azure Databricks Workspaces.

  • Workspace (Microsoft.Databricks/workspaces)

Builder Keywords

nameSets the name of the workspace.
skuSets the pricing tier of the workspace. Defaults to Standard Tier.
encrypt_with_key_vaultGiven a key vault builder / resourceid / vault name, and the name of a key, activates the use of Key Vault for the key store.
encrypt_with_databricksSpecifies to use DataBricks itself for key encryption.
encrypt_withAllows you to programmatically specify whether to use key vault or data bricks encryption.
key_vault_key_versionSpecifies the version of the key vault key to use; if this is not specified, the latest version of the key is used.
allow_public_ipWhether to use public IP addresses for cluster virtual machines. Defaults to Enabled.
attach_to_vnetGiven a Resource Id / Name / VNet Config, and Public & Private Subnets, attaches the workspace to the VNet specified.
managed_resource_group_idSets the name of the resource group that will be created by the workspace. Optional.


open Farmer
open Farmer.Builders

let myVault = keyVault { name "my-vault" }

let myWorkspace = databricksWorkspace {
    name "my-databricks-workspace"
    sku  Databricks.Sku.Standard
    encrypt_with_key_vault myVault "workspace-encryption-key"
    attach_to_vnet "databricks-vnet" "databricks-pub-snet" "databricks-priv-snet"