An ExpressRoute circuit is a dedicated link to Azure to provide communication with Azure services without traversing the Internet. It requires some coordination with a networking provider for these circuits, so some information, such as the service provider and peering location must be obtained from Azure reference documentation. The ExpressRoute builder creates an ExpressRoute circuit and enables Azure private peering and Microsoft peering.

  • ExpressRoute Namespace (Microsoft.Network/expressRouteCircuits)

Builder Keywords

Applies ToKeywordPurpose
ExpressRouteservice_providerConnectivity service provider from Azure reference documentation
ExpressRoutepeering_locationConnectivity peering location from Azure reference documentation
ExpressRoutetierStandard or Premium
ExpressRoutefamilyMetered or Unlimited data
ExpressRoutebandwidthBandwidth in Mbps for the circuit
ExpressRouteadd_peeringPeering details for the circuit - can add Azure Private and Microsoft peerings
Peeringpeering_typeA network CIDR block of 4 IP addresses (/30) for the ExpressRoute primary circuit
Peeringpeer_asnPeer Autonomous System Number - this is a uniquely assigned number for the peer network, typically provided by the service provider in agreement with Microsoft
Peeringazure_asnAzure Autonomous System Number - Microsoft oftent uses AS 12076 for Azure public, Azure private and Microsoft peering
Peeringprimary_prefixA network CIDR block of 4 IP addresses (/30) for the ExpressRoute primary circuit
Peeringsecondary_prefixA network CIDR block of 4 IP addresses (/30) for the ExpressRoute secondary circuit
PeeringvlanA unique VLAN ID for the peering
Peeringshared_keyAn optional shared key the service provider may specify for the peering


open Farmer
open Farmer.Builders
open Farmer.ExpressRoute

let circuit = expressRoute {
   name "my-express-route"
   service_provider "Equinix"
   peering_location "New York"
   tier Premium
   family MeteredData
   bandwidth 1000<Mbps>
   add_peering (
       peering {
           peering_type AzurePrivatePeering
           peer_asn 55277L
           azure_asn 12076
           primary_prefix (IPAddressCidr.parse "")
           secondary_prefix (IPAddressCidr.parse "")
           vlan 2406