Operations Management


The Operations Management builder is used to create Solutions for a Log Analytics Workspace.

Builder Keywords

omsPlannameThe name of the plan, which can match the name of the overall Solution.
omsPlanpublisherThe publisher of the solution, usually “Microsoft” (the default value).
omsPlanproductThe specific solution being created, such as OMGSGallery/SecurityInsights.
omsPropertiesworkspaceThe Log Analytics workspace this solution uses.
omsPropertiesadd_contained_resourceAdds a resource contained by this solution.
omsPropertiesadd_contained_resourcesAdds multiple resources contained by this solution.
omsPropertiesadd_referenced_resourceAdds a resource referenced by this solution.
omsPropertiesadd_referenced_resourcesAdds multiple resources referenced by this solution.
omsnameThe name of the solution.
omsplanThe OMSPlan for the solution.
omspropertiesThe OMSProperties for the solution.
omsadd_tagAdd a tag to the solution.
omsadd_tagsAdd one or more tags to the solution.


This example creates an Azure Sentinel solution on an Log Analytics Workspace.

open Farmer
open Farmer.Builders

let sentinelWorkspace = logAnalytics {
    name "my-sentinel-workspace"
    retention_period 30<Days>
    daily_cap 5<Gb>

let solutionName = $"SecurityInsights({sentinelWorkspace.Name.Value})"

let sentinelSolution = oms {
    name solutionName
    plan (omsPlan {
        name solutionName
        publisher "Microsoft"
        product "OMSGallery/SecurityInsights"
    properties(omsProperties {
        workspace sentinelWorkspace

let deployment = arm {
  location Location.NorthCentralUS
  add_resource sentinelWorkspace
  add_resource sentinelSolution