Private Endpoint


The Private Endpoint builder (privateEndpoint) creates a private endpoint for accessing Azure resources or a private link service without traversing the Internet.

  • Private Endpoint (Microsoft.Network/privateEndpoints)

Builder Keywords

Applies ToKeywordPurpose
privateEndpointnameSpecifies the name of the private endpoint.
privateEndpointsubnet_referenceAttaches the private endpoint to a referenced subnet.
privateEndpointlink_to_subnetAttaches the private endpoint to a subnet deployed in the same deployment.
privateEndpointlink_to_unmanaged_subnetAttaches the private endpoint to an existing subnet.
privateEndpointresourceSpecifies the ARM resource ID of the service it is connecting to.
privateEndpointcustom_nic_nameOptionally specify the name for the NIC generated for the private endpoint.
privateEndpointadd_group_idsSpecify one or more group IDs the private link service provides.

Configuration Members

CustomNicEndpointIPIf the custom_nic_name is set, this gets an ARM Expression to get the private endpoint IP address by 0-based index.
CustomNicFirstEndpointIPIf the custom_nic_name is set, this gets an ARM Expression to get the first private endpoint IP address.


open Farmer
open Farmer.Builders

let myPrivateEndpoint = privateEndpoint {
    name "private-endpoint"
    custom_nic_name "private-endpoint-nic"
    link_to_subnet (subnets.resourceId (ResourceName "my-net", ResourceName "priv-endpoints" ))
    resource (Unmanaged existingPrivateLinkId)