Private Link Service


The Private Link Service builder (privateLink) creates a private link service to access resources behind a load balancer privately from a private endpoint instead of traversing the internet.

  • Private Link Services (Microsoft.Network/privateLinkServices)

Builder Keywords

Applies ToKeywordPurpose
privateLinknameSpecifies the name of the private link service
privateLinkdepends_onSpecify any dependencies that must be deployed before this.
privateLinkadd_auto_approved_subscriptionsTo auto-approve private endpoints, the subscription for those must be added here.
privateLinkadd_visible_to_subscriptionsTo allow subscription to request access for their private endpoints, they must be added here.
privateLinkadd_load_balancer_frontend_idsAdds the resource ID for the load balancer frontend IP configurations that are accessible through this private link service.
privateLinkadd_ip_configsAdds the subnet where the private endpoints will connect to this service.
privateLinkIpConfignameOptionally name the IP config
privateLinkIpConfigprivate_ip_allocationSpecifies static or dynamic allocation within the subnet - defaults to Dyanmic
privateLinkIpConfigprivate_ip_address_versionSpecifies IPv4 or IPv6 - defaults to IPv4.
privateLinkIpConfigprimarySpecify this is the primary IP config if connecting to multiple subnets - defaults to false
privateLinkIpConfiglink_to_subnetRequired - the resource ID of the subnet where private link endpoints will be connected to this service.


open Farmer
open Farmer.Builders

let vnet = vnet {
    name "private-net"
    add_address_spaces [
    add_subnets [
        subnet {
            name "default"
            prefix ""
        subnet {
            name "backend-services"
            prefix ""
        subnet {
            name "private-endpoints"
            prefix ""
            private_link_service_network_policies Disabled
let lb =
    loadBalancer {
        name "lb"
        sku LoadBalancer.Sku.Standard
        depends_on vnet
        add_frontends [
            frontend {
                name "lb-frontend"
                private_ip_allocation_method AllocationMethod.DynamicPrivateIp
                link_to_subnet (ResourceId.create(Farmer.Arm.Network.subnets, vnet.Name, ResourceName "default"))
        add_backend_pools [
            backendAddressPool {
                name "lb-backend"
        add_probes [
            loadBalancerProbe {
                name "httpGet"
                protocol Farmer.LoadBalancer.LoadBalancerProbeProtocol.HTTP
                port 80
                request_path "/"
        add_rules [
            loadBalancingRule {
                name "rule1"
                frontend_ip_config "lb-frontend"
                backend_address_pool "lb-backend"
                frontend_port 80
                backend_port 80
                protocol TransmissionProtocol.TCP
                probe "httpGet"
    privateLink {
        name "pls"
        depends_on lb
        add_auto_approved_subscriptions [ System.Guid.NewGuid() ]
        add_load_balancer_frontend_ids [
            ResourceId.create(Farmer.Arm.LoadBalancer.loadBalancerFrontendIPConfigurations, lb.Name, ResourceName "lb-frontend")
        add_ip_configs [
            privateLinkIpConfig {
                link_to_subnet (ResourceId.create(Farmer.Arm.Network.subnets, vnet.Name, ResourceName "private-endpoints"))
arm {
    add_resources [