Route Server


The routeServer builder creates a route server to simplify dynamic routing between your network virtual appliance (NVA) and your virtual network. To learn more about routeServer, reference the Azure Docs

  • RouteServer (Microsoft.Network/virtualHubs)
  • BGPConnection (Microsoft.Network/virtualHubs/bgpConnections)

Builder Keywords

Applies ToKeywordPurpose
routeServernameName of the route server resource
routeServerskuSets the tier of the route server
routeServerallow_branch_to_branch_trafficThe allowBranchToBranchTraffic flag for the route server. Default is false
routeServerrouting_preferenceThe routingPreference for the route server. Default is ExpressRoute
routeServerlink_to_vnetLink to existing vnet or to vnet managed by Farmer
routeServersubnet_prefixSets the subnetPrefix of the vnet for route server
routeServeradd_bgp_connectionsThe BGP connections to be added to the route server
routeServerBGPConnectionnameName of the BGP connection
routeServerBGPConnectionpeer_ipThe peer IP of the BGP connection
routeServerBGPConnectionpeer_asnThe peer Asn of the BGP connection
routeServerBGPConnectiondepends_onDepend on another resource before deploying this bgp connection


#r "nuget:Farmer"

open Farmer
open Farmer.Builders

arm {
    location Location.EastUS
            vnet {
                name "test-vnet"
                add_address_spaces [ "" ]
            routeServer {
                name "my-route-server"
                sku RouteServer.Sku.Standard
                subnet_prefix ""
                link_to_vnet (virtualNetworks.resourceId "test-vnet")

                        routeServerBGPConnection {
                            name "my-bgp-conn"
                            peer_ip ""
                            peer_asn 65000