SQL Azure


The SQL Azure builder is used to called SQL Azure servers and databases. It supports features such as encryption and firewalls. Every SQL Azure server you create will automatically create a SecureString parameter for the admin account password. If you wish to create a SQL Database attached to an existing server, use the link_to_server keyword and supply the resource name of the existing server.

  • SQL Azure server (Microsoft.Sql/servers)

Builder Keywords

Applies ToKeywordPurpose
DatabasenameSets the name of the database.
DatabaseskuSets the sku of the database.
DatabasecollationSets the collation of the database.
Databaseuse_encryptionEnables transparent data encryption of the database.
Databaselink_to_serverLinks this database to an existing SQL Azure server instead of creating a new one.
Serverserver_nameSets the name of the SQL server.
Serveradd_firewall_ruleAdds a custom firewall rule given a name, start and end IP address range.
Serverenable_azure_firewallAdds a firewall rule that enables access to other Azure services.
Serveradmin_usernameSets the admin username of the server.

Configuration Members

FullyQualifiedDomainNameGets the ARM expression path to the FQDN of this SQL instance.
ConnectionStringGets a literal .NET connection string using the administrator username / password. The password will be evaluated based on the contents of the password parameter supplied to the template at deploy time.