SQL Azure


The SQL Azure module contains two builders - sqlServer, used to create SQL Azure servers, and sqlDb, used to create individual databases. It supports features such as encryption, firewalls and automatic pool creation. Every SQL Azure server you create will automatically create a SecureString parameter for the admin account password.

  • SQL Azure server (Microsoft.Sql/servers)

SQL Server Builder Keywords

server_nameSets the name of the SQL server.
add_firewall_ruleAdds a custom firewall rule given a name, start and end IP address range.
enable_azure_firewallAdds a firewall rule that enables access to other Azure services.
admin_usernameSets the admin username of the server.
elastic_pool_nameSets the name of the elastic pool, if required. If not set, Farmer will generate a name for you.
elastic_pool_skuSets the sku of the elastic pool, if required. If not set, Farmer will default to Basic 50.
elastic_pool_database_min_maxSets the optional minimum and maximum DTUs for the elastic pool for each database.
elastic_pool_capacitySets the optional disk size in MB for the elastic pool for each database.

SQL Server Configuration Members

ConnectionStringGets a literal .NET connection string using the administrator username / password, given a database or database name. The password will be evaluated based on the contents of the password parameter supplied to the template at deploy time.

SQL Database Builder Keywords

nameSets the name of the database.
skuSets the sku of the database. If not set, the database is assumed to be part of an elastic pool which will be automatically created.
hybrid_benefitIf a VCore-style SKU is selected, this allows you to use Azure Hybrid Benefit licensing.
db_sizeSets the maximum database size.
collationSets the collation of the database.
use_encryptionEnables transparent data encryption of the database.


open Farmer
open Farmer.Builders
open Sql

let myDatabases = sqlServer {
    name "my_server"
    admin_username "admin_username"

    elastic_pool_name "mypool"
    elastic_pool_sku PoolSku.Basic100

    add_databases [
        sqlDb { name "poolDb1" }
        sqlDb { name "poolDb2" }
        sqlDb { name "dtuDb"; sku Basic }
        sqlDb { name "memoryDb"; sku M_8 }
        sqlDb { name "cpuDb"; sku Fsv2_8 }
        sqlDb { name "businessCriticalDb"; sku (BusinessCritical Gen5_2) }
        sqlDb { name "hyperscaleDb"; sku (Hyperscale Gen5_2) }
        sqlDb {
            name "generalPurposeDb"
            sku (GeneralPurpose Gen5_8)
            db_size (1024<Mb> * 128)

let template = arm {
    location Location.NorthEurope
    add_resource myDatabases

|> Writer.quickWrite "sql-example"

|> Deploy.execute "my-resource-group" [ "password-for-my_server", "*****" ]