Static Web Apps


The Static Web App builder is used to create Static Web Apps. The Static Web App service is modern web app service that offers streamlined full-stack development from source code to global high availability. You can use it to host static web applications and Azure Functions in a single resource, using GitHub native workflows to build and deploy your application.

  • Static Site (Microsoft.Web/staticSites)

At the time of writing, Static Web Apps are in public preview. Not all Azure locations support them.

Static Web App Builder Keywords

nameSets the name of the static web app.
repositoryThe URI of the github repository containing your static web app.
artifact_locationThe folder where the built web app is copied to e.g. build (optional)
api_locationThe path containing your Azure Functions (optional)
app_locationThe path containing your application code (optional)
branchThe branch that you which to use for the static web app (optional, defaults to ‘master’)
app_settingsAccepts a list of tuple strings representing key/value pairs for the app setting of the static web app

Configuration Members

RepositoryParameterProvides the generated name for the repository token parameter name.


repositorytoken-for-nameProvides the Github Personal Access Token (PAT) required to authenticate and create the appropriate Github Action.


open Farmer
open Farmer.Builders

let myApp = staticWebApp {
    name "isaacsstatic"
    repository ""
    artifact_location "build"
    api_location "api"
    app_settings [
        "key1", "value1"
        "key2", "value2"

let deployment = arm {
    location Location.WestEurope
    add_resource myApp

|> Deploy.execute "my-resource-group" [ myApp.RepositoryParameter, "Github personal access token goes here..." ]