Storage Account


The Storage Account builder creates storage accounts and their associated containers.

  • Storage Accounts (Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts)
  • Storage Containers (blobServices/containers)

Builder Keywords

nameSpecifies the name of the storage account
skuSets the SKU of the storage account
add_public_containerAdds a general-purpose public storage container
add_private_containerAdds a general-purpose private storage container
add_blob_containerAdds a general-purpose private blob container

Configuration Members

KeyReturns an ARM expression to retrieve the storage account’s primary connection string. Useful for e.g. supplying the connection string to another resource e.g. KeyVault or an app setting in the App Service.


open Farmer
open Farmer.Builders

let storage = storageAccount {
    name "isaacssuperstorage"
    sku Storage.Premium_LRS
    add_public_container "myPublicContainer"
    add_private_container "myPrivateContainer"
    add_blob_container "myBlobContainer"