Thanks for thinking about contributing! Azure is a giant beast and help supporting more use-cases is always appreciated. To make it easier to contribute, we put together this little guide. Please take a few minutes to read through before starting work on a pull request (PR) to Farmer.

The process (don’t worry… this is not waterfall)

  1. Open an issue, or comment on an existing open issue covering the resource you would like to work on. Basically, a PR from you should not come as a surprise.
  2. Implement the 20% of features that cover 80% of the use cases.
  3. PR against the master branch from your fork.
  4. Add/update tests as required.
  5. Create a new *.md file with the name of your resource in the folder /content/api-overview/resources/. Eg.
  6. Add a description, keywords, and an example to the docs page.
  7. PRs need to pass build/test against both Linux & Windows build, and a review, before being merged in.


There’s still more to document!

  • Validation best practices
  • Multiple resource builders
  • Linking resources (one-to-many relationships)
  • Post-deploy tasks