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“We’ve been using Farmer to help rapidly onboard our customers onto Azure with repeatable processes, particularly with the SAFE Stack. It’s helping our team adopt best practices without passing on expense to our customers.”

Isaac Abraham, Director, Compositional IT

“Farmer quickly became an essential tool for Continuous Deployment at our F# projects. Clean DSL, great documentation, growing support of various Azure services and PR-friendly approach made Farmer to be one of the best open source projects in these days.”

Roman Provazník, F# Lead Developer, CN Group

Holy moly, this was a breeze!! I’m SO going to use this more often, even if it’s just to get a baseline for a customer. Saves tons of time!

Jan De Vries, Microsoft MVP

Hey @isaac_abraham, #Farmer is kind of awesome. A few lines and my fav env is created. #ILike”

Jan(ek) Fellien, Microsoft MVP

Finally took a look at farmer just now…. I should have looked months ago. I mean, I can actually read a farmer template. And it makes sense?!”

Arjen Smits

“With Farmer we were finally able to organize our Azure infrastructure. No messy names of storageaccounts anymore. Thanks for this great tool!”

Tim Forkmann, Head of EnergyData at Danpower

“Farmer allows us to keep our infrastructure easy to deploy and maintain. If we use Azure, we use it with Farmer! Thanks for creating it!

Stefan Hausotte, CEO of Bitfalter